Multi-chained Necklace


Multiple chained necklace - this beautifully structured necklace is made with a combination of 6 chains all differently textured, different lengths and different finishing. There's different sized herringbone chains, different sized chain links, super fine mesh and so on.   

Details, Size & Fit: 

- Made and designed in Korea.
- Claw fastening though necklace is long enough to slip on.
- 6 chains with different textures and finishing.

Necklace's Measurement: 

- Length of longest necklace  23.75" / 60cm
- Length of shortest necklace 13" / 33cm
- Weight 61.2g

Colours:  Gold Metal  /  Silver Metal  

Code : NL17TP
RM130.00 / S$53.00 
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