Scarf Belt Shorts


Smart, tailored shorts softened by its very feminine scarf-belt. Comfortable, easy fit is assured with its stretchable fabric. Looks great with a white top to contrast with the sexy bottom! Comes in three sizes as well!!.

Details, Size & Fit: 

- Rayon
- Hand wash/ Dry Clean

- Size S  /  M  /  L 

- Waist: 34cm  /  38cm  /  41cm
- Hips: 44cm  / 46cm  / 48cm
- Length: 26cm  /  27cm  /  27cm
- Weight: 160g

Colours: Beige (Size L Sold) / Black (Size M Sold)

Code : PT1KLM
RM41.00 / S$18.00  

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